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Lexmark Announces 700 Planned Layoffs For Next Year

Aug 8, 2017

Lexmark says it's planning to lay off 700 of its 10,000 worldwide employees over the next year as part of a restructuring of the printer company.

Lexington’s Urban County Council awoke to find one seat at the horseshoe empty Monday. Veteran 12th district council member and local business leader Ed Lane passed away Sunday.

This week we discuss with Lane Report editor Mark Green the new Kroger Store on Euclid Avenue and an equine-related effort to boost tourism throughout the Bluegrass.

Economic Priorities Differ Greatly Between Ky. House & Senate

Jan 19, 2015
photo provided

With the clock already ticking on the short thirty day legislative session, what can we reasonably expect in the way of compromise on major bills, especially given the different economic priorities between the Democratically-controlled House and the Republican-dominated Senate?   We put that question to Mark Green, editor of the Lane Report Business Magazine.