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State Police Working To Keep Fatalities Down

Dec 30, 2013

Kentucky State Police spokesman Trooper Paul Blanton says the number of highway fatalities in the state this year is the lowest since 1947.

KSP Release Updated Figures On Massive Drug Roundup

Nov 1, 2013
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KSP reports that by late Friday 300 targets had been arrested resulting in 526 charges in the largest one-day crackdown in its history.

State Police Rounding Up Drug Suspects

Nov 1, 2013

Kentucky State Police are calling it the largest one-day drug crackdown in its history.

State Police Lay Off 20 Troopers To Narrow Budget Gap

Aug 27, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky State Police have laid off 20 troopers as the agency deals with an expected budget shortfall.

Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer told the Lexington Herald-Leader the troopers dismissed were veteran officers brought out of retirement on annual contracts. They had signed new contracts on July 1.

The agency anticipates a budget gap of $5.8 million. Brewer said the layoffs will save $1.25 million.

Half of the state's 16 KSP posts were affected by the layoffs, which occurred Friday.

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Getting important information about a suspected crime to police officials is now as easy as sending a text message from your cell phone. Kentucky State Police launched a new program this week called "Text a Tip," which allows the public to send confidential information such as names, dates and locations related to criminal activity.