Kentucky State Fair

Local/Regional News
2:49 pm
Thu August 22, 2013

Champion Ham Sells For $350,000 At State Fair

Miss Kentucky Jenna Day displays the 2013 grand champion country ham.
Credit Rick Howlett

LOUISVILLE, Ky.-- A first-time buyer has stepped forward with the winning bid for this year’s Kentucky State Fair grand champion country ham. The ham is auctioned at the annual Kentucky Farm Bureau ham breakfast, with the proceeds—and the ham—donated to charity.

This year’s top bidder was the Yum Brands Foundation, the charitable arm of the Louisville-based fast food company.   Proceeds from the 350-thousand dollar sale will go to the Fund for the Arts.

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Local/Regional News
5:23 pm
Wed August 29, 2012

Ky. State Fair Attendance Down Slightly from 2011

LOUISVILLE, Ky.  -- Kentucky State Fair Board officials say attendance at this year's state fair reached 599,854, narrowly missing the 600,000 mark it's passed the last three years.

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Local/Regional News
11:04 am
Thu August 23, 2012

Prize Ham Brings $300,000 At Farm Bureau Auction

Louisville physician Mark Lynn offered the winning bid of $300,000 for this 17.62 pound prize ham from Scott Hams of Greenville, Ky. at a Kentucky Farm Bureau charity event Thursday in Louisville.
Scott Hams

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Louisville physician has offered the winning bid of $300,000 for a prize ham at a Kentucky Farm Bureau charity event in Louisville.

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Local/Regional News
2:37 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

Vets To Watch For Swine Flu At Ky. State Fair

LOUISVILLE, Ky.  -- State veterinarians will be watching for evidence of swine flu during this year's Kentucky State Fair as health officials nationwide have reported a five-fold increase of a new strain of the flu that spreads from pigs to people.

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