Kentucky Same Sex Marriage Case

Challenges to same-sex marriage bans in four states will be argued Wednesday in Cincinnati.

Kentucky’s legal defense of the state’s same-sex marriage ban has come in for some harsh criticism.

Gov. Beshear contracted with a private law firm to represent him in appealing a judge's decision allowing state recognition of same-sex marriages.

The Kentucky House Judiciary Committee made history Wednesday by hearing discussion of a statewide fairness law.

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The state will hire outside attorneys to appeal a judge's decision granting legal recognition to same-sex couples married outside Kentucky.

A federal judge has given Kentucky until March 20 to implement his order granting legal recognition to same-sex couples married in other states.

Opponents of same-sex marriage in Kentucky are exploring options for challenging the recent ruling striking down the state's marriage amendment.

A final order in a landmark same-sex marriage case in Kentucky is expected by the end of the week.