Instant Racing

Attorney Seeks In-Court Demonstration Of Instant Racing

Jul 1, 2015

A Franklin Circuit judge has heard arguments over whether a slot-machine type of horse racing game can be demonstrated in court.

Judge Set To Take Up Instant Racing

Oct 31, 2014

A judge in Frankfort is set to take up when to set a trial over the issue of Instant Racing at racetracks.

Keeneland, Red Mile Teaming To Offer Instant Racing

Oct 22, 2014

Two local racetracks are dropping plans for their own Instant Racing parlors and have announced plans to partner in one large facility.

Keeneland and the Red Mile successfully made the case for instant racing before the state Horse Racing Commission Wednesday.

Court Leaves Instant Racing Question Unsettled

Feb 20, 2014
Associated Press

The Kentucky Supreme Court has upheld the state's authority to regulate betting on older, recorded horse races.