gun control

Local/Regional News
1:49 am
Wed March 27, 2013

Journalist Searches For Common Ground On Guns

LEXINGTON, Ky. - In the wake of the Newtown shootings, the renewed debate over gun violence has highlighted deep divisions in the country, but a journalist speaking at the University of Kentucky Thursday still believes all sides can find common ground.

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Local/Regional News
2:37 pm
Wed January 16, 2013

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul Vows to Scrutinize President's Executive Actions on Guns

FRANKFORT, Ky. - U.S. Sen. Rand Paul said he'll examine President Obama's just-announced executive orders to see if the president has overstepped his authority — and, if he believes so, will introduce legislation to overturn the orders. 

“Executive orders can be overturned and cannot run afoul of legislation that is the current law, if he tries to create legislation, I will oppose him,” Paul said on Wednesday.

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Local/Regional News
10:59 am
Mon December 17, 2012

Legislation Would Ban Guns in State Capitol

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian

FRANKFORT, Ky. - State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian plans to re-introduce legislation next year to ban guns in the state capitol. The Louisville Democrat says Kentucky is one of the few states in the nation that permit people to carry firearms into the House and Senate galleries.

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