Fiscal Cliff

Local/Regional News
3:34 pm
Fri January 18, 2013

Sen. McConnell Draws Praise, Protest In Lexington

Sen. McConnell greets luncheon attendees (left) and protesters chant anti-McConnell slogans outside Rupp (right).
Credit Josh James / WUKY

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell received a standing ovation at a Commerce Lexington Luncheon Friday, but it was a different scene outside the Convention Center.

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WUKY In Depth
8:40 am
Tue December 18, 2012

UK Marketview Tackles The Fiscal Cliff

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Dave Blackwell, Dean of the UK Gatton College of Business, chats with Ken Troske, Sturgill Professor of Economics and Senior Associate Dean at the Gatton College of Business and Economics to try to separate truth from fiction regarding a possible plunge over the fiscal cliff.

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Local/Regional News
2:51 pm
Mon November 12, 2012

Barr Hopes For Temporary "Bridge" Over Fiscal Cliff

LEXINGTON, Ky. - 6th District Congressman-Elect Andy Barr says he’ll take get serious when it comes to cutting spending as Congress deals with the so-called Fiscal Cliff, but action needs to be taken in the lame duck session. 

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