Expanded Gambling

One a pillar of Gov. Steve Beshear’s campaign for governor, the pledge to legalize expanded casino gambling appears less and less likely.

Despite setbacks this week, Gov. Steve Beshear says expanded gaming is not dead yet.

Governor Steve Beshear says without new revenue, additional cuts might be necessary in order to bolster education funding in the state.


A Ky. lawmaker has drafted legislation calling for a constitutional amendment to allow three stand-alone casinos, plus five others at horse tracks.

CINCINNATI - Officials in Indiana and Kentucky are bracing for a loss in tax revenue after Ohio's latest casino opens Monday in downtown Cincinnati.

Beshear: 'Too Early' on Whether Gambling Bill Will Be Filed

Jan 24, 2013

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The clock is ticking on the current legislative session, but efforts to push expanded gambling in the 2013  are still on-going, Gov. Steve Beshear said.

“I think it’s too early to reach a conclusion yet on whether we will have a bill on expanded gaming, you know we’ve got some issues to be resolved," he said.