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Lexington’s Mayoral election concludes with a second term for incumbent Jim Gray.  His challenger, however, still sees his campaign as a success. 

Incumbent Jim Gray and Challenger Anthany Beatty cast their votes in Lexington's mayoral race this morning. 

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Judge of the Court of Appeals- 5th Appellate District:

Division 1:

Larry VanMeter (incumbent)


Division 2:

Glenn Acree (incumbent)


Circuit Judge-22nd Judicial Circuit:

Division 1-Family Court:

Tim Philpot (incumbent)


Division 2-Family Court:

John Schrader(incumbent)

Traci H. Boyd


Division 3:

James “Jim” Ishmael, Jr.  (incumbent)


Division 4:

Pamela R. Goodwine  (incumbent)


Division 5-Family Court:

Urban County Mayor:

Jim Gray (incumbent)

Anthany Beatty Sr.


Urban County Council:


At Large:

Steve Kay (incumbent)

Richard Maloney

Kevin O. Stinnett

Bill Cegelka

Jon Larson

Chris Logan

1st District:

Chris Ford (incumbent)

2nd District:

Shevawn Akers (incumbent)

Michael Stewart

3rd District:

J. “Jake” Gibbs

Chuck Ellinger II

State Races

Oct 30, 2014

Kentucky State Senate:


12th District:

Kathy Warnecke Ryan (D)

Alice Forgy Kerr (R, incumbent)

22nd District:

Tom Buford (R, incumbent)

28th District :

R. J. Palmer II (D, incumbent)

Ralph Alvarado (R)

34th District:

Michael Cope (D)

Jared K Carpenter (R, incumbent)


Kentucky House of Representatives:


39th District:

Russ Meyer (D)

National Races

Oct 30, 2014

U.S. Senate:

Alison Lundergan Grimes (D)

Mitch McConnell (R, incumbent)  

David Patterson (Libertarian)

U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky 6th District:

Elizabeth Jensen (D)

Andy Barr (R, incumbent)

The following links list all races to be voted on in Fayette County.  Candidates are sorted by position, party, and incumbency. 


National Races

State Races

Municipal Races

Nonpartisan Judicial Races


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