Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine

Lexington, KY – Dr. Greg Davis chats with Dr. Buzz Cooper, a faculty member of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, about the looming shortage of doctors and nurses.

Lexington, KY – In this week's segment Dr. Greg discusses the sometimes delicate, but frank conversations that need to happen in order to effectively address the obesity epidemic.

Lexington, KY – In this week's segment Dr. Greg Davis discusses the latest advancements in traumatic brain imaging.

Lexington, KY – In this week's show, Dr. Greg and his guest discuss a new study examining the survival rate of patients who undergo bariatric surgery.

Lexington, KY – In this week's program hear more about a new study investigating a link between carbohydrates and cancer.

Lexington, KY – Dr. Greg Davis and his guest discuss the recent survey by Men's Health Magazine rating Lexington as the most sedentary city in the U.S.

Lexington, KY – Dr. Greg Davis discusses an upcoming conference on sports concussions with Dr. Scott Livingston, faculty in the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences, and director of the Concussion Assessment Research Laboratory.

The conference is slated for Friday June 24th at the University of Kentucky.

Lexington, KY – In this week's edition of "Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine" learn more about the latest and continued uses for Ventricular Assist Devices.

Lexington, KY – In Part Two of his interview, Dr. Greg chats with registered nurse, and author Theresa Brown about a perceived lack of civility in medicine today.

Lexington, KY – In this edition of Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine, the host chats with Theresa Brown, Registered Nurse, and author of the book of "Critical Care: A New Nurse Faces Death, Life, and Everything In Between", about what she perceives as a lack of civility sometimes displayed between doctors and nurses.