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American Medical Association

This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine we begin a three part series with new American Medical Association President Steven Stack of Lexington.  He's the second local physician to ascend to the post in recent years.  In part one Dr. Stack lays out a number of challenges, opportunities and priorities he hopes to address during his tenure.


In this week's Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with Dr. Trish Freeman of the Kentucky Pharmacists Association about the ever-expanding role of pharmacists in our modern healthcare system.  A bill in Congress which has the support of the full Kentucky delegation in the House, would recognize and compensate pharmacists as Medicare providers.


This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with Dr. Jennifer Havens of UK Healthcare's Department of Behavioral Science and the Center for Drug and Alcohol Research.  Dr. Havens talks about a dramatic rise in intravenous drug use in Appalachia and what can realistically be done to prevent it.


This week Dr. Greg talks with Dr. Roger Humphries, chair of the department of emergency medicine at UK Healthcare, and a lead investigator at UK of a study involving treatment of epileptic seizures in an emergency room setting.

Alan Lytle

With the summer vacation season in full swing Dr. Greg talks with UK professor of hospitality management and tourism, Dr. Jason Swanson.  Jason cites some recent empirical studies revealing the psychological and physical toll people suffer when they skip taking a vacation from the workplace.


This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with Mary Chandler Bolin, director of the UK Counseling Center about the physical and psychiatric challenges some members of the LGBT community face on a daily basis.  June is National Pride Month.  The Lexington Pride Festival is this Saturday.

UK Now

This week Dr. Greg Davis talks with Dr. Connie Jennings who recently delivered the keynote address at the UK Human Resources Wellness Conference.  The title of her talk was "Live Well - Our Grandparents Were Right."

The Lancet

As part of National Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Greg talks with Dr. Cathy Martin, a UK Healthcare Child and Adolescent psychiatrist about some proven methods to treat substance abuse issues in adolescent patients.

The Lancet

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and Dr. Greg has the first in a two part series on adolescent mental health issues.  His guest this week is Dr. Kelly Hill, director of UK Healthcare's Adolescent Behavioral Health.

Associated Press

This week Dr. Greg Davis addresses some confusion over a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association claiming that pathologists only agree 75% of the time when diagnosing breast cancer.  He talks with two surgical pathologists at UK Healthcare who have a subspecialty interest in breast pathology:  Dr. Luis Samayoa, and Dr. Rachel Stewart.