domestic violence

Karyn Czar

It took a village of sponsors and after years of planning and construction, 24 new affordable apartments are being used by survivors of partner abuse. 

Josh James / WUKY

One mission of the 17th Annual Ending Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Conference in Lexington is to equip participants with a working knowledge of House Bill 8, the state’s new civil protective order legislation which goes into effect next year.

Dating violence legislation looks to be unlikely during the 2014 session in Frankfort.        

Josh James / WUKY

A former UK track runner brought his message of support for dating violence protection legislation from Lexington to Frankfort Thursday – on foot.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - For women suffering physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of their partner, a lack of education can be a barrier to independence. The University of Kentucky hopes to change that by launching a new scholarship specifically for victims of domestic violence.

Carol Jordan, director of UK’s Center for Research on Violence Against Women, believes the scholarship is the first of its kind in the country because it provides a full financial aid package.