Creation Museum

The group seeking to build a proposed Noah's Ark theme park in Grant County is once again seeking approval of tax incentives.


Evolution, the Bible and the origin of the universe will be up for debate tonight at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.

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Officials at the Creation Museum say they have sold every ticket for next month's scheduled debate featuring Bill Nye "The Science Guy."

Science guy Bill Nye is set to visit Kentucky next month for a debate on science and creationism with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham.

Zip Lines Open At Creation Museum

Jun 20, 2013
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PETERSBURG, Ky. -- A new zip line course has opened at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.  Officials of the museum in Petersburg told The Kentucky Enquirer the aim of the course, which opened Thursday, is to attract a wider audience that could increase museum attendance.

Visitors can buy an all-day pass on the 23 zip lines for $89 or two uses for $29. There is also a discounted $10 museum pass with the all-day zip line ticket.