Chemical Weapons Stockpile

Richmond officials announced Tuesday that the Blue Grass Chemical Weapons Destruction Plant is 90 percent complete.

The proposal to explode old mustard rounds at the Blue Grass Army Depot will be the subject of a special meeting Wednesday.

RICHMOND, Ky. — Officials say construction on a long-awaited weapons disposal facility at the Blue Grass Army Depot in central Kentucky is about 70 percent complete and it is on track to start operations in 2020.

Chemical Destruction Community Advisory Board Co-Chair Craig Williams says it took several years for the project to recover from funding cuts in 2004. But, Williams told The Courier-Journal and Richmond Register, construction is tracking on schedule now that allocations have been more consistent.

RICHMOND, Ky. -- An environmental study has concluded that using Explosive Detonation Technology, or EDT, to dispose of aging mustard rounds at the Blue Grass Army Depot would not cause any “significant impacts” on the community. The public will have a chance to comment on the finding Tuesday.

RICHMOND, Ky. - More than 100 workers at the Bluegrass Army Depot in Richmond are seeing their hours cut from 40 per week down to thirty-two at least through September. 

The furloughs are a byproduct of the automatic spending cuts triggered by the federal budget sequester.  Blue Grass Chemical Activity commander Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Grice says the action is regrettable but necessary.  He insists however, that the safe and secure storage of over 500 tons of chemical weapons at the site remains the highest priority.