Attorney General Andy Beshear

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Gov. Matt Bevin is calling a Franklin Circuit judge who ruled against him this week an “incompetent hack.” The broadside isn’t the first delivered by the governor.

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A Franklin Circuit judge has cleared Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear to move forward with his lawsuit challenging the state’s new pension law. Gov. Matt Bevin is seeking to disqualify Beshear over an alleged conflict of interest.

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Attorney General Andy Beshear has released his 2017 tax returns and is challenging other constitutional officers – including Gov. Matt Bevin – to do likewise.

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Kentucky’s top law enforcement official is taking aim at the state’s freshly-signed pension reform bill. Unions representing public school teachers and police are also lending their names to the lawsuit.

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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is seeking to intervene in a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The Democrat argues the suit could strip the state of nearly $50 billion in federal funding for its Medicaid expansion over the next decade.

Ky. AG Beshear Sues Opioid Distributor

Feb 19, 2018
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Kentucky's attorney general filed a lawsuit Monday against another pharmaceutical distributor linked to a pipeline inundating the state with dangerously addictive opioid painkillers.  Cardinal Health was accused by Attorney General Andy Beshear of distributing millions of prescription opioid doses into a state struggling with drug overdose deaths.

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A bill capping the amount of money the attorney general’s office can pay outside attorneys hired to help fight major cases against well-funded corporations passed the Kentucky House Thursday.

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Kentucky could soon be joining a multi-state lawsuit challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s roll back of net neutrality provisions.

Judge Rules For, Against Kentucky Political Rivals

Nov 15, 2017

A Kentucky judge says the state's Republican governor can reorganize some government boards when the legislature is not in session, but he can't write new laws.

Supreme Court Rules U Of L Board Issue Is Moot

Sep 28, 2017
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The Kentucky Supreme Court has declined to rule on whether it was legal for Republican Gov. Matt Bevin to abolish and replace the University of Louisville's board of trustees.