Agriculture Commissioner Jamie Comer

AP (Timothy D. Easley)

Monday GOP gubernatorial contender and Agriculture Commissioner James Comer detailed his healthcare recommendations for Kentucky, the first pillar of a five-point plan to be released in the coming weeks.

Republican gubernatorial candidate James Comer says jobs and competitiveness will be centerpieces of his campaign, but he'll need Democrats on board.

Josh James / WUKY

It wasn’t quite a gubernatorial debate, but Kentuckians got a taste of the coming campaign Tuesday at a business summit panel in Louisville.

It may not come as a surprise for anyone tuned into Kentucky politics, but a Comer run for governor now appears to be taking shape.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is under mounting pressure to release the 250 pounds of hemp seed intended for pilot projects in the state.

With congressional passage of the Farm Bill likely this week, hemp could come to Kentucky as early as this year.

Farm Bill Could Give Kentucky The Go Ahead On Hemp

Jan 28, 2014

Hemp production may be on the verge of a comeback in Kentucky, where the non-potent cousin of marijuana once thrived.