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The Dream Of Ridiculous Men... U2

Oct 9, 2014

The last short story Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote is about being seriously ridiculous. In "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man," an intellectual prone to existentialist despair is saved from suicide when, in a vision, he discovers a parallel planet where humanity has never sinned. "It was like being in love with each other, but an all-embracing, universal feeling," he tells the reader. This contact with Eden reinvigorates him, but then, during a playful moment, he teaches the planet's innocents how to deceive each other — and this leads to a catastrophic, Biblical fall.

Front Row

Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters, Live In Concert

Millennials are not getting much love from politicians this year.

The big reason for that is low expectations for turnout among young voters.

God Only Knows (BBC Music)

We've remade The Beach Boys masterpiece God Only Knows with the help of a few friends…

Song Premiere: The Lone Bellow, 'Then Came The Morning'

Oct 7, 2014

Brooklyn's The Lone Bellow seemed to arrive fully formed: Its self-titled 2013 debut came stuffed with intricately assembled bundles of crowd-pleasing folk-pop, each more dramatic and infectious than the last. Charismatic, photogenic, endlessly hooky — The Lone Bellow has been the complete package since day one.

Paradise Waitin' A John Prine Hootenanny is presented by WUKY, Willie's Locally Known and West Sixth Brewery. On Saturday October 11, local musicians will pay homage to the great story teller, John Prine. Local acts will play 30 minute sets of their favorite John Prine songs starting at 6 pm from two stages at Willie's Locally Known. This event is all ages and benefits Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.

Listen to Rock & Roots Mon-Fri at 10:50, 12:50 & 2:50 for DEEP TRACKS from the new Trigger Hippy CD 'Trigger Hippy'... PLUS a chance to win your own copy!

Turn on, tune in and listen... to The Grateful Dead Hour tonight at 9... Mike Graves and Scott White will join David Gans for a special Fund Drive Edition... We'll feature "Wake Up To Find Out: Naussau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY - 3/29/90" Call 859-257-9600 or go to ... pledge $60 (use the installment plan - hey, that's just $5 a month) and we'll set you up with your very own copy... here's the lowdown on the 3 CD set...

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Jeff And Spencer Tweedy On Making Songs Together

Sep 25, 2014


Sometimes when you make art, you can grasp the meaning ahead of time. Other times, the meaning has to reveal itself. That was the case with Sukierae, the debut album from Jeff Tweedy's new project, Tweedy.