Crossroads Radio

Fridays 10 - 11 pm, Saturdays 9 - 10 pm

February 2015 marks 20 years of Crossroads Radio on WUKY (though technically it was "Hitchhiker Blues" in the early days when it came across campus from WRFL, Crossroads Radio was simply a stretching, if you will, of the original show). I've enjoyed doing the show a lot and have been glad to be able to do it at WUKY.

The show has been a journey and along the way, in my desire to keep the show fresh from week to week I've worked hard to keep up with new music and have made many musical discoveries along the way. That said, it is now time to call it quits and enjoy pursuing, as a "private listener" and at my own pace, many of those avenues I've visited over the years. So, the last weekend of February (the 27th & 28th) will be the last weekend of the show. The last few weeks are going to be a blast and I want to make sure to thank you for the support and encouragement over the years! Thanks for listening!



2/6 & 7/15: A show of classic Americana and Country music, intentionally similar to The Hot Burrito Show (across campus at WRFL) that Crossroads Radio host Bobby Ray co-hosted from 1995 to early 2002.

2/13 & 14/15: L-O-V-E: a Valentine's mix!

2/20 & 21/15: In celebration of 20 years of Crossroads Radio, this show will be comprised of tunes from host Bobby Ray's favorite albums of the last 20 years.

2/27 & 28/15: "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make"! (The Final Crossroads Radio show!)