YMCA Launches Swiming Pilot Program

Jun 2, 2014

The YMCA of Central Kentucky is launching a pilot program this summer designed to teach young swimmers how to stay safe in and around the water.

Jessamine County YMCA Pool
Credit Karyn Czar / WUKY

Dozens of third graders filled the pool at the Jessamine County YMCA Monday morning to work one on one with lifeguards.  Spokesperson Julie Balog says it was an effort to teach them skills that could be life saving.  “They’re learning to float.  They’re learning how to get to the side of the pool.  They’re learning how to see if they have a friend who’se in danger what they should do and then also what they should do if they feel like they’re in danger.  They also know to introduce themselves to the lifeguard and to make sure that they know the rules of the pool when they arrive.”

9 –year old Braydon Taulbee felt so confident after his lesson he knew what to do to save himself or someone else from drowning.  He said he would grab a hold of something long and call for help and get something long and reach it out to a friend who was in trouble.

The pilot program will be held at three YMCA locations in Lexington this Thursday and members of the University of Kentucky swim teams will participate in the swim safety activities.