WUKY Welcomes New Shows

Jun 29, 2012


You'll soon hear some new voices during your WUKY weekend listening. State and university budget cuts, coupled with revenue shortfalls, made it necessary to evaluate our program costs and schedule. While safeguarding our core services (NPR news, local news, Rock & Roots music), it was decided that it was not fiscally responsible to pay the cost of membership dues to three networks.

After careful review, it was decided that Public Radio International was the most costly service for what if offered in programming. The cost of Zorba Paster On Your Health and This American Life, plus membership dues, is close to $20,000 annually. These two programs will not air on WUKY after July 1, 2012.

Despite the loss of PRI programs, WUKY is adding programs that have been requested by our listeners. We’ve added several hours of BBC news on weeknights (11pm to 1am) and Saturday and Sunday morning. (6am-8am). The additional coverage and perspective from across the pond will bring a good balance to NPR’s Weekend Edition. On Sunday, The Splendid Table will move to 10am, replacing Zorba Paster On Your Health. A Prairie Home Companion will start an hour earlier on Sunday (1pm-3pm) to accommodate the return of Mountain Stage, "where musicians come to play." (3pm-5pm).

WUKY 91.3FM enlightens, inspires, and entertains its audience through the creation and presentation of the highest quality non-commercial radio programming. Through our comprehensive, unbiased news coverage, unique musical offerings, and community partnerships, WUKY fosters civic development, celebrates our cultural diversity, and advances the mission of the University of Kentucky.