WUKY Big Band Music Host Chris Nielsen Dies

Lexington, KY – Nielsen's syndicated One Night Stand, Make Believe Ballroom, and Sentimental Journey programs had been a part of the WUKY schedule for more than a quarter of a century. Former WUKY General Manager Roger Chesser says Chris's love of Big Band Music often crossed generational as well as geographical boundaries.

"He would go all over Europe, to places behind the Iron Curtain years ago, and he'd find other people that were enthusiastic about the music, and bands in countries that were far away and bring all that music back to us here in Lexington, Kentucky, and put it on One Night Stand. Just tremendous enthusiasm for this music, a very positive, very outgoing guy, just a wonderful person to work with."

Nielsen first started volunteering for WUKY in 1978 he hosted his first music program for the station in 1982. Funeral arrangements for Chris Nielsen are pending.