Work Progressing On KY Capitol Dome

Frankfort, KY – Workers have already protected the rotunda's five historic statues, by encasing them in huge plywood boxes. Now, they're erecting the scaffolding needed to reach the ceiling of the dome, 174-feet above, which needs a fresh coat of paint and new lighting. David Buchta of Historic Properties says the project has been three years in the planning. "There are 115-thousand pounds that will be on this floor and these I-beams - there's 24 of them and they weigh 500 pounds each."

Buchta says engineers are confident the building can support the added weight. The rotunda's four historic chandeliers are also being restored, and have already been removed. The project is scheduled for completion prior to the start of the 2010 General Assembly in early January. Until then, the rotunda is closed.