Wine Festival To Be Part of Evening At Ashland

Lexington, KY – On Monday, Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry and other dignitaries announced preliminary details for "Vintage Kentucky: A Toast to Henry Clay".

"It features participation from what we anticipate will be fifteen or so of Kentucky's vineyards. In composition and style it will incorporate the very popular evening at Ashland jazz concert; a long time summer favorite and it will feature the opportunity to taste and experience some great wine, and for visitors it will feature the opportunity to taste and experience a great community." Newberry said.

David Lord, President of the Lexington Convention and Visitor's Bureau, said the event will enahance preservation efforts for the home of the Great Compromiser", while highlighting Kentucky's nearly forgotten heritage as a leading wine producer.

"Just minutes from Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, was the first licensed winery in the United States; right here in the Bluegrass and that before prohibition, Kentucky was the third largest producer of grapes in America. And did you know that Henry Clay not only liked bourbon, but he loved wine? And so it's fitting and proper that this be a celebration and a partnership."

Fifth District Councilmember Cheryl Feigel, who spearheaded efforts to launch a wine festival while she was mayor of Grapevine, Texas, said Patrons will be able to purchase tickets to sample wines with the proceeds being split evenly between Ashland, and the festival. Vintage Kentucky and an Evening at Ashland take place Saturday September 4th.