While The President Addresses Healthcare Rollout Problems, Kentucky Held Up As Model

Oct 21, 2013

As President Obama takes to the airwaves to address problems with healthcare.gov, Kentucky’s exchange continues to be held up as a model.

While the president is promising to ramp up staff at call centers where people can apply for insurance over phone and the Department of Health and Human Services says it’s bringing in experts from inside and outside of government to help diagnose the glitches, Governor Steve Beshear is receiving high marks from commentators on NPR, the Huffington Post, and other news outlets for his handling of Kentucky’s site.

At a press conference last week, Beshear did not indicate that the federal government has looked to the bluegrass for any advice just yet.

"To me, it's understandable that the federal website is going to have problems. They're dealing with 35 million people. We're dealing with 640,000 people, so it's much easier to get your arms around a design for a smaller number of people like that," Beshear said.

The White House says nearly 19 million people have visited healthcare.gov since it was unveiled, but they do not plan on releasing full enrollment figures until mid-November.