Where Do Your Taxes Go? (Graphic)

Apr 22, 2014

With the April 15 deadline past and your taxes (hopefully) filed, you may find yourself wondering...

Just where did all your money go?

If you're curious about your federal taxes, you can use the White House's official Taxpayer Receipt feature. After entering how much you paid in income taxes and for Social Security and Medicare, the calculator lets you know what your taxes bought.

While Kentucky doesn't offer a taxpayer receipt tool, you can find some answers at a site called Open Door. There you'll find out how your tax dollars are being applied, a breakdown of department and agency budgets, up-to-date salary information for state employees, along with searchable databases of grants, contract information, and line item expenditures.

For a simple chart of state government priorities (based on 2013 data), click the graphic below.

Credit Josh James / WUKY