West Sixth Brewery Take Logo Dispute To The Web

May 22, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A trademark dispute between local West Sixth Brewing and Vermont-based brewer Magic Hat has found its way onto many Facebook news feeds in Lexington. The online campaign was sparked by a lawsuit filed by Magic Hat last week.

The dispute boils down to two circular logos formed around numbers. In the suit, Magic Hat claims the similarity between them is causing confusion for consumers. Ben Self, co-owner of Lexington’s one-year-old West Sixth Brewing Co., says that argument doesn’t hold up.

"They call our '6' an 'inverted 9' rather than identifying it as an entirely separate number, which is pretty silly. Everybody knows that a '6' and a '9' are not the same thing," he says.

In response, West Sixth has launched a petition on social media to generate 20,000 signatures for its cause.

"It's been amazing. In less than 24 hours, we've had over 11,000 people sign the petition and the number just continues to grow," Self says.

In a press release, a Magic Hat representative claims the company was blindsided by the campaign and charges West Sixth with failing to negotiate in good faith after the issue was brought to their attention last September. Yet Self says West Sixth heard nothing from Magic Hat for the three months leading up to the lawsuit and has reached out to the owners to resolve the issue amicably.

The correspondence between the two companies has been published here.