Well Over A Thousand Pounds Of Medication Collected At Med Toss

Oct 31, 2013

Lexington’s Med Toss  brought in 1,709 pounds of unused and outdated medications and needles.  This was the most successful year of the program.

The National Drug Take-Back Week was a chance to get rid of any medications that have expired, pharmaceuticals that are no longer needed and paraphernalia such as needles that need to be disposed of.  Sherelle Roberts, spokesperson for the Lexington Police Department says it's important to remove those items from the home because pets and children can get into them.  One of the number one causes of drug abuse among teens is prescription medications found within the home.  She also reminds people that flushing or pouring medications down the drain will contaminate the community's water supply.

If you missed Med Toss, Roberts says you can dispose of pill form medications at drop boxes located at the Lexington Police Station and Sherriff’s Office.  They cannot take liquid forms or needles at these locations but there will be another Med Toss this spring.