WEG Trophies Sparkle, Tickets On Sale

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Officials with the World Equestrian Games and a Lexington business have unveiled the trophies that will be presented to world champions this fall. Meg Jewett, owner of L.V. Harkness & Co., says she wanted each trophy to have a unique design.

"We had free reign, and that for somebody who creates, is a wonderful thing to hear. We were able to do each one differently. Each discipline is different where I think in the past, they've just had one trophy."

The trophies were manufactured by Moser Crystal in the Czech Republic. Each features an engraved picture of one of the eight equestrian sport disciplines.

Also on Thursday, tickets to early events in the dressage, endurance, eventing, jumping, and reigning competitions went on sale for 30-percent off.

"This is purely, in essence, a supply-and-demand response. We have a greater supply of these early round tickets available, thus we're pricing them at a price to make them more attractive to people," says Jamie Link is CEO of the World Games 2010 Foundation.

Total capacity for all events and sessions is 600,000 tickets, and right now some 270,000 have sold. Link says with the economy the way it is and because this year will be the first time the Games have been held outside of Europe, his goal is around 500,000.