The WEG Disciplines: Jumping and Eventing

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Each of the eight disciplines at the World Equestrian Games highlights the special relationship between horse and rider. Our series on WEG events has explored driving, reining, dressage, and para-dressage. Today Brenna Angel talks to experts in the sports of show jumping and eventing.

What is show jumping?

In show jumping, horse and rider are tested in a course of various obstacles. The obstacles include fences with rails or planks. At the world championship level, the obstacles measure up to 6.5 feet in height and spread. Penalties are incurred for not completing a jump, knocking down rails, or exceeding the time limit. The horse and rider who finish with the fewest number of penalties is the winner.

What is eventing?

Eventing is designed to test the all-around athleticism and agility of horse and rider. It is a triathlon comprised of dressage, cross country, and jumping. The dressage and jumping components of eventing are similar to the specialty competitions, but the cross country test is the heart of the discipline. Each competitor must complete a 4.5-mile cross-country course filled with dozens of jumps and obstacles set in natural terrain.