Walking For a Common Cause

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – When Patti Parson's son was diagnosed with autism just before his fourth birthday, the Lexington mother had no idea what the developmental disorder would mean for her family.

"Of course there are varying degrees, it's a spectrum disorder, some people are more mildly affected then others. It pretty much rules every aspect of your life. You know, school, you have to be really involved in your child's education; a lot of kid with autism won't be accepted at regular daycares."

Now 14 years later, Parsons is a member of the Autism Society of the Bluegrass, and helping to coordinate the group's fundraiser walk at Keeneland. She says this weekend's event is a good way for families and friends to meet other people affected by autism, and to learn information about available services.

"We're having a lot of agencies out there, so if people have family members with autism they can get a lot of information."

The autism walk runs Saturday 8:30 to noon. It will also feature live music, entertainment, and a petting zoo. Go to BluegrassAutismWalk.org for more information.