Victim's Rights Day Observed At State Capitol

Frankfort, KY – Mildred Muhammad says domestic violence is the untold story behind John Muhammad's rampage that left 10 people dead and three wounded. She says Muhammad began exhibiting bizarre behavior after returning from the Gulf War. Fearing for her life, she divorced him. She says the sniper slayings were part of a twisted plot to regain custody of the couple's children. "The foreman said the reason they gave him the death penalty is because they knew that if John got out of prison that he would finish what he started, which was to kill me."

John Muhammad is serving a death sentence in Virginia for the sniper slayings that gripped the Washington, D-C, area in October 2002. He also received six consecutive life sentences in Maryland. His accomplice, Lee Malvo, pleaded guilty to the same six murders in Maryland and is serving a life sentence.