Vicco In The Media Spotlight Following Colbert Report Segment

Aug 16, 2013

VICCO, Ky. – After being featured in a segment on The Colbert Report this week, the eastern Kentucky town of Vicco is getting offers from reality TV show producers.

Vicco Mayor Jonny Cummings
Vicco Mayor Jonny Cummings

The Appalachian town became the smallest community in the country to adopt a fairness ordinance barring discrimination against gays in January. Johnny Cummings, Vicco’s openly gay mayor, said he and the town’s leaders are open to the idea of hosting reality TV crews, though there are concerns about how the town would be depicted.

Cummings said he has fielded phone calls and done media interviews almost every day since the town’s council approved the measure.

While skeptical of the prospect of a reality-themed show, Cummings told the Associated Press he welcomed the chance to appear on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

Watch the video here.

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