Veteran Journalist Speaks at Transylvania University

Jan 29, 2014

Credit Transylvania University

Eleanor Clift gave a public lecture Tuesday to a crowd of about 60 people at Transylvania University. 

Best known for her Newsweek articles and as a panelist on PBS’s The McLaughlin Group, she spoke at length about several subjects.  These included her career in journalism (particularly dealing with gender inequality in Newsweek and working with fellow PBS panelists), increasing partisanship in the federal government, and emerging issues such as income inequality and immigration reform.   Although she  focused on struggles between the President and Congress, she also touched on how legislative gridlock can disillusion the average citizen.    

“They look at these men and women and they see them putting in basically a three day week, taking a lot of recesses, not really confronting the nation’s problems, and people are angry about it.  There’s an anger at Washington and I think that the disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country is pretty serious.”  

Following the lecture, Clift held a book signing for several of her works.  These include Two Weeks of Life, Founding Sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment,  and Selecting a President.  She then proceeded to livetweet the president's State of the Union Address. 

Following her visit to Transylvania as a Wilson Fellow (a program sponsored by the Council of Independant Colleges), she will return to work at the Daily Beast, an online news site.