Urban County Council Honors D-Day Vets

Lexington, Ky – The three Lexington residents recognized were John Palumbo, Frank Cassidy, and Charles Gray. Gray was among the first American soldiers to land on "Bloody Omaha" beach

(oh yeah you'll never forget them, you'll never forget them well I don't talk about them I love them well I have now since I've been interviewed too many times then I think about it and I think why did I say this why did I say that but you can't say it all at once anyhow.)

88 year old John Palumbo was with the 8th wave of U-S soldiers who came ashore that Tuesday morning at Normandy. Palumbo's been back to France three times since June of 1944 .and he'd like to make one more trip.
(a lot of people don't people don't appreciate the French but I do and I've been back several times to not only visit Normandy but to be in paris and all that I miss it so much.)

Frank Cassidy served in the U-S Army Air Corps flew some 35 missions over occupied Europe. He flew two missions on D-Day, one just prior to the landings. Cassidy says such missions played a key role in blocking German re-inforcements. He often reminds young people today about the importance of military service..

( I try to tell it to grade school children and high school kids when you're sitting in that chair, you're enjoying what some guy gave his life for or some gave three years of his life for and still Is probably can't get over it.)

Cassidy says he and his fellow airman were told you'll be lucky to finish your tour.' In face, he says one out of five survived to see the end of World War two.