Urban County Council Debates Rules Regarding Raises

Jun 12, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - An ordinance passed by the Urban County Council in 1999 meant to simplify the process by which the council receives pay raises ended up causing some confusion during budget talks Tuesday.

The ordinance, which was meant to tie council raises to the Consumer Price Index and allow the body the option of refusing the raise, was not followed consistently since it was passed, leaving council pay flat since 2008 – that was the consensus coming out of a committee meeting Tuesday. What wasn’t so clear was how to rectify the problem. Ultimately the council voted not to accept a late change to the budget that would have attempted to correct the issue, though several council members, such as Ed Lane, said the ordinance should have been honored.

"Some council members could get away with not taking a $2000 raise, but I think we are compromising the future integrity of the pay scale for future council members by not sticking with what I believe the formula is," Lane said.

The adjustment would have increased council members’ pay to around 29-thousand dollars and the vice mayors’ pay to just over 32-thousand dollars.