Update: Centre Lockdown Lifted

Sep 20, 2013

DANVILLE, Ky. - Centre College was on lockdown Friday morning following reports of a shooting less than half a mile from campus. The lockdown order has been lifted, but the suspect remains at large.

Life in nearly all of Danville was put on-hold Friday morning as officials locked down the city and county schools, the courthouse, and other buildings after learning that three people were shot to death at nearby ABC Gold Pawn Shop in an attempted robbery. Michael Strysick, a spokesman for Centre, says the college canceled classes and asked students and faculty to retreat to a secure building on campus.

"We continued throughout the morning to provide updates as we received information. That included being in touch with Centre parents because this is Family Weekend here at Centre College so we wanted to let them know what was going on here," Strysick says.

Strysick says the school just underwent an emergency drill modeled on an active shooter scenario a few months prior.

"As we conducted that, we thought prepare for the worst, hope for the best never imagining something like this would take place, but I will say having conducted that emergency drill in April gave us a lot more confidence and I think provided for even better cooperation with local law enforcement," Strysick says.

According to the Advocate-Messenger website, authorities were on the lookout for a white male, about 20, with a scruffy beard, black hoodie and riding a bicycle.

Centre lifted the lockdown order and resumed classes just before 2, but police have not indicated whether anyone has been apprehended in the case.