Unions, Lawyers Give Big to Super PAC Helping Democrats Defend State House

FRANKFORT, Ky. -  A Super PAC that is helping defend Democrats is Kentucky state House races has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars.  And with two weeks left until Election Day, Kentucky Public Radio’s Kenny Colston reports on who is helping fund the initiative.

Kentucky Family Values is helping Democrats beat back the GOP’s attempt to take control of the House.

The group is polling and running radio ads against Republican candidates in competitive districts. And it’s doing so with a hefty war chest.

Financing this campaign are the usual Democratic funders: teacher’s unions, lawyers and trade unions.

So far, the National Education Association has donated fifty thousand dollars. So has the Kentucky Education Association. And in a close second is the Kentucky Justice Association, a group of trial lawyers.

And while two GOP-leaning PACs have announced they may get involved, their spending hasn’t been as large.