UK's Kentucky Digital Library To Be Hub For National Project

Apr 8, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Kentucky Digital Library, housed at the University of Kentucky, is one of just six libraries chosen to take part in a national library pilot program linking collections from across the country.

The Digital Public Library of America aims to eventually create a “hub” in every state. Mary Molinaro, associated dean for library technologies, says beginning April 18th genealogists and researchers of all types will be able to access digital materials housed in Georgia, Massachusetts, and several other libraries.

"Our content will be merged together with that content, in addition to some other content from the National Archives, ARTstor, the Smithsonian, and then software, tools, [and] services will be layered on top of that so people can search across all of that content," Molinaro says.

As part of the pilot program, UK is also planning to host events similar to StoryCorps, that allow residents to bring their local artifacts and stories in to be digitized and stored.