UK Welcomes Its Largest First-Year Class

Sep 12, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The University of Kentucky’s new first-year class is already one for the record books.

UK’s freshman ranks are growing – so much so that this year’s numbers represent the largest first-year class in the university’s history, but size is only part of the equation.

"It's a really historic class in almost every way you can measure," says university spokesperson Jay Blanton. The new class could also be the most academically distinguished, with 71 National Merit and National Achievement finalists and a record number of Singletary Scholars. UK has trailed the University of Louisville when it comes to attracting more diverse candidates, but Blanton says the university is making headway.

"The overall undergraduate population of African-American students has increased by more than 10 percent. Also, large increases in Hispanic first-year students and [for]  students with an international background it's almost a 100 percent," Blanton says.

School officials say the boost in enrollment could help mitigate the effect of state cuts to higher education.