UK Secures $1.2 Million In Grants

Sep 11, 2013

UK lands eight grants for cardiovascular research.
UK lands eight grants for cardiovascular research.

LEXINGTON, Ky--The funds come from the American Heart Association and spokesperson Jennifer Ebert says the money has been awarded to several different cardiovascular research projects with one goal in mind.  To save lives.  “Heart disease is the number one killer of people in the United States and here in Central Kentucky.  It’s a huge epidemic.  The American Heart Association spends a lot of time trying to remedy this and one of the ways we do that is through cardiovascular research.  We’re the largest funder of cardiovascular research in the nation.  And we’re proud that this year we were able to award the University of Kentucky $1.2 million dollars so we’re pretty proud of that.”

Dr. Alan Daugherty, director at the UK Saha Cardiovascular Research Center says the support from the American Heart Association over the years has been invaluable.   “Our ability to do any research requires getting external grants.  We do not have resources unless we get these grants.  So this investment of 1.2 million from the American Heart Association will make a vast difference to our ability to actually do research.”

Dr. Charles Shelton knows the medical and patient sides of the coin.  He received a transplant at UK two years ago after his heart began to fail.  He has since met the parents of the young man who gave him back his life.  “First thing they did when we met was they took out the stethoscope and listened to my heart.  And Caleb was the young man whose heart I have.  He was 16 unfortunately when he passed away, but their decision to donate has saved my life.”

In total, eight research grants were handed out.  The goal of these studies is to aid in the development of new cardiovascular treatments to reduce deaths from heart disease and strokes.