UK To Screen Episode of Civil War Documentary

Mar 25, 2014

The University of Kentucky will host a sneak peak for the fourth episode of Civil War: The Untold Story.

The PBS documentary focuses on the conflict’s Western Theater, between the Appalachians and Mississippi.  History Professor Amy Taylor made an onscreen appearance in the show.  She says unlike Ken Burns’ magnum opus, this film relies heavily on dramatization and reenactment, lending a degree of verisimilitude. 

“It’s a film that does not shy away from death, suffering, destruction.   It really brings you in a very realistic way into what is experienced in this war," she said. 

The fourth episode is centered on the waning days of the Confederacy, particularly the Battle of Chicamauga and the 1864 Campaign for Atlanta.  Following the film, Taylor will host a panel discussion with producer Chris Wheeler, Patrick Lewis of the Kentucky Historical Society, and Carl Westmoreland of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  She hopes to discuss several questions about the Civil War’s impact today. 

"Why do we still have great debates about even what this war was about?   How do Americans still get quite heated when talking about this event that took place 150 years ago?” she asked. 

The screening will take place Wednesday at 5 PM in UK’s Worsham Theater, which is located in the student center.  The entire documentary will air on KET beginning April 6th.