UK To Rebury 1956 Time Capsule

Apr 25, 2014

University of Kentucky officials are set to rebury a time capsule discovered during the construction process underway at Woodland Glen.

Workers chanced upon the capsule, buried sometime in 1956, during the demolition at Cooperstown. Not surprising – as UK Director of Housing Implementation Penny Cox says the 58-year-old items were not found in a typical capsule or box.

"The contents were in a fabric-wrapped container that looked like a piece of canvas, sort of an olive green much, like you would find on a tent," she says. 

Inside officials found, among other things, newspapers, a K Book, and class schedule. Monday, UK will place the capsule back in the ground with similar items from 2014, and some new items including information about Dance Blue and the 75th anniversary brochure of the student center.

The ceremony is set for 10:30 on the lawn behind the William T. Young Library.

The new capsule will feature a marker.