UK Realizes Millions In Energy Savings

Nov 26, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - An energy savings program at the University of Kentucky has slashed costs by $2.4 million dollars a year and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 23,291 tons. The upgrades are part of a wider effort to reduce energy usage on campus.

The improvements come with a price tag of $25 million dollars, but UK officials say they’re seeing results. Changes include new energy-efficient lighting and ventilation systems in the school’s Chemistry and Physics building. To further the effort, Shane Tedder, UK’s Sustainability Coordinator, says a website,, is beginning to track energy usage in on campus. It even allows students to see the effects of their choices in real time.

"You can turn the overhead lights off and see that the cost per month drops by a dollar or you can turn a space heater on and see that cost per month goes up by $30, so you really get a sense for the relative impact of the different decisions that individuals make in those spaces," Tedder says.

UK also recently received a Return on the Environment award from GE Power and Water for cooling tower upgrades that have saved over 83 million gallons of water since 2010.