UK Officials Expect Few Shutdown Disruptions In The Short Term

Sep 30, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - University of Kentucky officials are reviewing the possible impacts of a government shutdown.

Jim Tracy, the vice president for research at UK, says there are two major areas of concern: student aid and research.

"A shutdown would not disrupt the awarding of student aid or servicing student loans at least in the short term. If a shutdown were to go on more than about a week, then the concern is there would be a cash flow problem in the government," Tracy warns.

Should that happen, Tracy says the furlough of education department staffers could cause delays in processing next semester’s awards. Research applications could also face a similar fate.

"Grant applications that are due will not be processed and any awards that haven't been made that are in the pipeline would not be finished," he says.

While Tracy says UK officials don’t anticipate the shutdown lasting that long, they are also keeping a close eye on the October 17th debt ceiling deadline.