UK Officer Dismissed Over Dorm Room Confrontation

Dec 13, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A University of Kentucky police offer has been fired for violating a university policy forbidding inappropriate contact with a student.

The incident took place Saturday evening at UK’s Haggin Hall. A video posted to YouTube shows the student cursing at two officers who enter the room. UK spokesperson Jay Blanton says officers are allowed to enter when they have reason to suspect residents are violating university rules. In this case, dorm residents had complained about items being thrown out of a window.

"Both the policy and the residence hall contract will permit certain UK officials to enter a residence hall room for very specific reasons and police are among the officials who have that authority," Blanton says.

What happened next, however, was deemed inappropriate. Officer David Thompson was terminated for pushing or shoving a student, contact prohibited by UK policy.

While university officials aren’t releasing information about the student, WKYT-TV reports that Graham Gaddis, another student who shot the video, has responded to Thompson’s firing with satisfaction, saying he egged the officer on and that he “took the bait.”

Thompson had served on the force since 2006.