UK Music Teacher Releases First Album

Nov 5, 2013

Debraun Thomas has this profile of Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at UK, Raleigh Dailey.  He's just released his first solo album.

Raleigh Dailey
Raleigh Dailey
Credit UK Fine Arts

Here in Lexington, it is not hard to find great music on a weekly basis. Sometimes the music itself is right at your door.

Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at UK and local musician, Raleigh Dailey has released his very first solo album titled What Happened Next.

Dailey performs on the album with the Raleigh Dailey trio featuring local musicians Danny Cecil on bass and Paul Deatheridge on drums. Dailey says the album captures his musical maturity along with the band’s ability to click together.

“There’s a voice you can hear that if I made this trio record maybe 5-6, 7 years ago I don’t know that it really would have had that. You know there would have been some good playing, but I like the sound of it, I like the identity, I like the way the trio interprets the material and it has just kind of a unique sound.”

Dailey says while some of the compositions on the album are played in different groups, it is the interpretation that makes it different. While Dailey has been featured on many different recordings, he says he feels most excited to have a more free flowing side of his playing featured. Because the group doesn’t play out very much, Dailey says that this album is more about expression and reaching different ears.

“We don’t play together a lot publicly, you know we have a few gigs here and there but it’s a group that exists but we’re not out there every 3-4 days playing somewhere so I guess for me the exciting thing about it is getting these performances and these tunes just so people can hear them.”

Dailey says because the recordings were done in only a few takes, the album truly represents the best of the band.

The Raleigh Daliey Trio’s album What Happened Next is now available online and in stores.

Debraun will be back next week with another Local Music profile.