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3:32 pm
Mon August 26, 2013

UK Forestry Students Will Show Skills At 2013 Wood Expo

Wood Expo announcement and demonstration at McConnell Springs

LEXINGTON, Ky--In September, students from the University of Kentucky will go up against other college forestry teams in a lumberjack competition at this year’s expo.  UK Foresty Majors like MacKenzie Sehiffer gave a back-breaking demonstration at McConnell springs…

 “This is called Jack and Jill cross-cut.  So Jack and Jill’s a guy and a girl.  They also have Jill and Jill and Jack and Jack.  And you use this big long cross cut saw.  You wanna pull all the way through and you never push back on your partner.  So it’s important to like…trust your partner.”

The “Jack” half of this “Jack and Jill” team is Sam Cox.

 “You just gotta get a good technique down and do it regularly.  We try to hold practices at least twice a week.”

Along with the lumberjack competition, The Wood Expo will feature equipment demos, bluegrass music, nature photography, chain saw carvers and a 5K race.  It’s being held at Masterson Station Park on September 20th and 21st.   

UK Forestry Students demonstrate the 'Jack and Jill' sawing competition