UK Celebrates Constitution Day

Sep 17, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky-- The University of Kentucky celebrated Constitution Day Tuesday, marking the 226th year since the document’s adoption.

For this year’s festivities, UK held an assembly near the administrative building.  Journalism professor Buck Ryan said the goal was to discuss the constitution’s relationship to modern politics and encourage youth voter participation.  

Journalist Al Cross talked about how the constitution plays into Kentucky’s 2014 Senate race, while candidate Matt Bevin and McConnell Campaign manager Jesse Benton held a live debate on domestic and foreign policy.  Other presenters included Henry Clay, as played by Kentucky Chautauqua performer George McGee and  poet laureate Frank X. Walker, who presented a piece on the 3/5 compromise.  There was also a musical performance by Christ the King’s school choir. 

Constitution day is a federally mandated observance for public universities across the country.  UK’s commemoration was sponsored by the Citizen Kentucky Project, part of the Scripps-Howard First Amendment Center.