UK Board Of Trustees Endorses Guidelines For Growing Campus

Oct 28, 2013

The University of Kentucky Board of Trustees has thrown its weight behind new guiding principles that will inform the university's strategic plans.

Saturday the board endorsed the Master Plan guidelines, which could eventually result in major changes to traffic flow if the university moves to push parking to the perimeter of campus and create more walkable, green space.

University spokesperson Jay Blanton says that could include closing another portion of a problematic street.

"Rose Street if you walk across it at virtually any time of the day is an island of immovable traffic," Blanton says.

For now, the university is exploring several long-term solutions.

"Because right now it's not a place where traffic can move into and out of with any sense of efficiency. And already there is a section of Rose St. closed basically beyond Huguelet up to the medical center, so we're just trying to contemplate how best to move traffic in and around campus," Blanton says.

The plan could also create campus zones, such as a North Campus area featuring housing for older students and a Central Campus that boasts a new student center. Officials stress the plans are long-term goals, which also seek to address a variety of issues from sustainability to relationships with neighborhoods.