UK Art Museum Holds Saturday Rummage Sale

Jul 19, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky--- The University of Kentucky's Art Museum is holding a White Elephant sale this Saturday.

The event helps the non-profit museum raise funds for a variety of projects.  Grants Director Amy Nelson Young says there is a large selection of donated items, including books, art prints, furniture and household goods, which will be available at bargain prices. 

"Students would really benefit from this, who are just trying to set up their apartments for the fall, young couples, people who have sale booths, or whatever.  Anybody can come and you never know what you're going to find," she said. 

The expression white elephant"  comes from Southeast Asia.  In that region, it was considered a great honor to possess such an animal.  However, because of the opulence a ruler needed to show in caring for it, the elephant was often a burden to keep.  The term was later applied to rummage sales, where people could sell their "white elephants" to others who could make better use of them. 

The Art Museum first held a White Elephant Sale in 2011, and Nelson says they were able to raise over $6000.  She hopes that this year's event can meet or exceed that amount. 

The sale runs from 9AM to 3PM Saturday at the corner of Rose Street and Euclid Avenue.  Admission is free, but early birds can pay a flat $25 fee and begin combing through the collection beginning at 8:00. 

More information, as well as pictures of  several items, is available at the Art Museum's website.